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An English welcome

An English welcome

Welcome to the English language section of the SV Laren '99 website.

We have a number of SV Laren '99 members from international families living in and around Laren so being able to speak Dutch is not a necessity to enjoy the benefits of membership. SV Laren '99 has a range of football teams for adults, boys and girls and an active tennis club.
If you would like to sign up as a member, please fill in the registration form

If you have any SV Laren '99 inquiry for yourself, someone else or a child and you wish to communicate with us in English, you can send a short email with your name and number through our contactform. (choose at 'Afdeling':  'An English welcome')

One of our English-speaking members will then call or email you shortly to answer any query you may have and for example introduce you to a team of your interest. We will assist you in completing any of the forms should you decide to enroll a new member.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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